Q: What is varietal honey? When honey bees forage from a single nectar source they will produce honey that has characteristics unique to that nectar source (i.e. dandelion, canola, borage, clover, etc.). At times we may carry a limited supply of varietal honey. Just like other types of farming, honey gathering by the bees is largely dependent on the weather. If all goes well during the season we may see several different varieties of nectar packed into honey combs. 

Q: What is Summer Blossom honey? Our Summer Blossom honey is gathered by the bees from many different sources throughout the season. You could say it is opposite of varietal mono crop honey. We feel its some of the finest tasting honey money can buy. 

Q: Is your honey pasteurized? No, our honey is pure, unpasteurized. The only processing is to remove the wax and bee parts.

Q: I saw you at the farmers market and there were more products for sale then what is on your website. Do you make and sell other products?  Yes we do. We make a limited amount of natural personal care products such as soaps, lip balms, foot butter and chest rubs. We also sell fresh bees wax candles in an assortment of styles. If you would like some of these products please contact us or follow our social media to see our next market. 


Q: Are your queens and nucleus colonies going to perform better then what I can get from importers? We believe our queens and nucleus colonies perform just as well or better then anything you can get from another country. As we are relatively small producers we can take great care in rearing our queens. These well nurtured queens become the backbone to our colonies. Our queens are selected and produced in our harsh climate of central Alberta and because of that the colonies we produce are proven winter survivors.

 Q: What is the difference between a overwinter nucleus colony and spring nucleus colony? All nucleus colonies are not equal. A spring nuc is made from spring queens of the same year the nuc is made up. Spring nucs have not yet made it through their first winter. For this reason, a spring nuc cannot be declared a winter hardy colony. On the other hand, an overwintered nuc colony has successfully made it through the harsh winter and has been proven to be hardy. Overwintered nuc colonies are very valuable to a beekeeper.

Q: Do you ever have virgin queens or queen cells available? Yes! In seasons with high success rates of cell building and queen mating we can have an over supply of queen cells and virgin queens. Contact us if you would like more information and to be contacted when surplus cells and virgin queens are available. 

Q: Does True North Apiary provide honey bee education? Our schedule doesn't allow us to put on formal education classes. We dedicate our time in producing premium honey and nucleus colonies. We will gladly try to help anyone out through emails or social media.

Q: Can I get bees from you and take them to another province?  Yes, and no. In order to transport bees between provinces honey bees must be inspected by their own provincial apiculturist. 


If you have a question that is not answered on our website please contact us.